Courier Solutions


Company Profile


Courier Solutions CC was established in September 1997 with the aim of providing a unique and customer sensitive express courier service.


We are an empowerment company.  We all participate in the good fortune of our company and participate in profit share.  We are a LEVEL 3 CONTRIBUTOR with an AA rating with Empowerdex SA.


The reason we make use of owner drivers are, apart from the job creation possibilities, that we do not work with a unionised staff, but with somebody who has a vested interest in the successful delivery of your freight.  It is staff whom are available 24/7 and has pride in their small businesses which they manage in conjunction with us.


We offer 30 day account facilities. Proofs of delivery for all shipments effected during the month will accompany your itemized invoice. Invoicing can be tailor made to include cost centre codes or department names etc.




Our Mission


To provide a quality courier service to commerce and industry, both on a domestic and international front, within our service and operational parameters, to the benefit of all stakeholders.